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NcStar optics: Riflescopes, Red Dots, Spotting Scopes Over ten years ago, New Century has manufactured and provided optics for a few of the leading brands in the optics industry. Within a ten year time period, New Century gained the expertise and concept of the optics market. By 1997, a new and competitive brand hit the market known as NcStar, the fastest growing optics company in the world.

Founded in 1997, Ncstar’s mission is to consistently provide reasonable priced, quality optics with innovative design, superb customer service, and strong dealer partnerships. NcStar optics are built to quality control standards and are designed to deliver a lifetime satisfaction. NcStar optics is the preferred choice of many professional users, armed forces, and consumers ranging from air soft to wildlife observation all over the world. So whether you are an expert marksman or novice, NcStar has something for everyone.
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Ncstar AK/SKS  Bipod
Item #: NCS-ABA - Lightweight and fully functional, the NcStar AK/SKS Bipod is a great alternative to the bayonet lug models. It can be mounted to virtually any long gun, giving you tighter groups and greater control.
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $19.95
Price: $12.95

Ncstar AK47 SKS Rifle sling Olive Drab
NcStar AK / SKS Sling in Olive Drab and Black (AAKS)
Item #: NCS-AAKS - The NcStar AAKS a replica of the orgional issue AK47/SKS Sling, made of green canvas with leather tabs.
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $8.99
Price: $5.99

Ncstar Precision Bipod
NCSTAR Precision Grade Bipod Compact or Full Size Models
Item #: NCS-PreBipods - The NcStar Precision Grade Bipod Bipod is constructed of high quality aluminum. It fits most weapons with three different adapors - Weaver style/Picatinny rails, AR-15 Hand Guard Sling Stud and Universal Barrel Mount.
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $39.99
Price: $29.00

NCSTAR AR-15 Flat-Top Riser and Quick Release Weaver Mount (MARFQ)
Item #: NCS-MARFQ - NcStar MARF AR-15 Flat-Top Riser-Mount with Quick release
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $39.99
Price: $19.99

NcStar MARCQ Quick Release Mount
NcStar AR15 M16 Quick Release Weaver Style Cantilever Mount (MARCQ)
Item #: NCS-MARCQ - AR-15/M16 Quick Release Weaver Style Cantilever Mount with Detachable Rear Ring
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $49.99
Price: $24.99

Ncstar Universal Bipod  w/Quick Release
NCSTAR Universal Bipod w/Quick Release (ABUQ)
Item #: NCS-ABUQ - The NcStar Universal Bipod w/Quick Release is one of the best values out there for sniper/tactical paintball accessories. If you have a spare tactical rail, this bipod is for you!
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Availability: In Stock
Retail: $65.00
Price: $26.99

Products 1-6 of 6
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